Marco Rubio: Biden Has ‘Demeanor Of A Centrist,’ But Pushing ‘Far Left-Of-Center Ideas’

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Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday that President Joe Biden has the “demeanor of a centrist” but nevertheless is pushing “far left-of-center ideas.”

During a “Fox News Sunday” interview, anchor Chris Wallace brought up a Friday tweet from Rubio in which the Florida senator reacted to a series of Biden executive orders by writing that the president “has talked like a centrist but governed from the radical left.”

“Is talk of unity from this White House dead already,” Wallace asked.


“Yeah, no, unity and ideology are two separate things, okay?” Rubio responded. “Unity doesn’t mean uniformity, that’s ridiculous.”

The Florida senator accused Biden of portraying himself “as a centrist” during the election, then immediately implementing far-left policies on issues like the Keystone Pipeline, transgender rights, and immigration. (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera: Biden ‘Wants To Get Along’ But Is ‘Governing From The Left’)

“Those are not centrist ideas,” he said. “Now, I understand Joe Biden comes from the left-of-center. I understand all that, but some of these are far left-of-center ideas, so my point in that tweet was he may use the language, the rhetoric, even the demeanor of a centrist but so far his policies don’t seem to represent that and I think that’s an important thing to note as we get into these debates about different issues.”