Barking Dogs Reportedly Rescue Hikers From Avalanche

Ski Touring To Pigne Arolla Arolla, Switzerland. Stock Photo. Getty.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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After an avalanche buried two hikers in the snow, their dogs barked for help, catching the attention of a group of snowshoers who dug them out, The Guardian reported.

The avalanche buried the hikers in the Avers Valley of southwestern Switzerland at three o’clock in the afternoon Saturday (local time), the Swiss air-ambulance service Rega said in a statement, according to The Guardian. The hikers were located west of St. Moritz and near the Italian border.

“Their dogs, who were not buried by the masses of snow, drew attention to themselves by barking loudly,” the statement said, according to The Guardian. “The dogs attracted the attention of a group of snowshoers who were some distance away in the same valley but had not witnessed the avalanche.”

The group arrived about 15 to 20 minutes after the avalanche occurred, The Guardian reported. The avalanche completely buried one victim in snow and the other was reportedly able to stick one hand out so that it was visible. (RELATED: REPORT: Woman In India Gives Birth On Stretcher While Being Carried Through Snow)

Rega transported the hikers to the hospital. Rega did not disclose the number of dogs present or their breeds, New Hampshire Union Leader reported.