First 3D-Printed Ribeye Steak Is ‘Complex, Emotional’ And Ready In 2022

Not the ribeye steak from the story. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Aleph Farms, an Israeli company, reportedly debuted the first 3D-printed ribeye steak Tuesday.

The 3D-printed steak uses a culture from live animal tissue instead of plant-based alternatives, according to The Washington Post.

“It’s not just proteins, it’s a complex, emotional product,” Aleph Farms Chief Executive Didier Toubia told the Post.

The steak was created with research partners at the Israel Institute of Technology and features the same texture and qualities as real steak, according to Aleph Farms.

“We control the cultivation process, and we can design meat specifically for a market, adjusting the amount of collagen and connective tissues and fat, to tailor meat to specific requirements,” Toubia told the Post.

Aleph Farms has reportedly invested $14 million in the development of 3D-printed steaks, and 70 other companies are also developing meat created from muscle tissue grown in a lab. (RELATED: Woman Cooks Steak With A Flamethrower In Awesome Video)

The surge in developing meat alternatives comes as regulation proposals, such as the Green New Deal, attempt to reduce methane emissions from cattle.

Aleph Farms’ first products will hit markets in the latter half of 2022, subject to regulatory approval, the Post reported.