CNN Airs F-Bomb Laden Riot Clip After Alisyn Camerota Asks For Clip Of Trump Defense Team

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota called for a clip of former President Donald Trump’s legal defense team during Wednesday’s broadcast of “New Day,” but she got an expletive-laden clip of the Capitol riot instead.

Camerota was referencing the widely-panned performance Trump’s defense team put on during the opening arguments of his second impeachment trial, but the accidental mix-up quickly derailed the conversation. (RELATED: ‘A Handy Shorthand’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Called Out On Air For Calling COVID Variant ‘South African’)


“For people who might have missed their argument yesterday in the Senate, the Trump legal team, let’s just play a portion of it so everyone knows what we’re talking about,” Camerota introduced the clip, but when it began rolling, it was clear that it was not what she had been expecting.

The video that aired instead showed several different clips of rioters at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, screaming a series of expletives at uniformed Capitol Police officers and chanting, “Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!”

“What I meant to play was the legal team so people would hear their meandering argument of Bruce Castor,” Camerota said as the camera came back to her. “I’ll re-create it for you. At one point he was —”

“Put the cat filter on,” political analyst David Gregory suggested, prompting a laugh from Camerota.

“The cat filter would have been more cogent,” she said, turning back to the Trump defense team and saying that instead of an argument, they had attempted to take the Senate on a “nostalgic trip down memory lane toward record players and albums.”

“So I guess my question is, how do they recover today?” Camerota asked. “I mean, what happened last night afterwards in a board meeting, and what do they come back with today, David? Your thoughts.”

Gregory said that he expected the Democratic House Impeachment Managers to attempt to anticipate and diffuse whatever arguments they expected Trump’s defense team to come up with.