Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Compares ‘Redundant’ House Impeachment Testimony To Rachel Maddow’s Show

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade slammed the House impeachment managers’ testimony from Wednesday, calling it “redundant” and comparing it to an opening of “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Kilmeade was discussing former President Donald Trump’s ongoing Senate impeachment trial on Thursday’s edition of “Fox and Friends” when he gave his analysis on the presentations. (RELATED: Joy Reid Launches On A Republican Name-Calling Spree During Impeachment Segment)

“So there’s so much there. A lot of video. Again, day one was full of video, almost like the cold open to a Rachel Maddow show. And then this, some of the surveillance video we had not seen yet. No doubt about it, Pence, Pelosi and Romney were in danger. No doubt about it, it was really bad,” Kilmeade began. “It was a pleasure though to hear cops, police officers being praised for a change from Democrats. We haven’t heard that in about two years, and they should be praised every day, and especially the way they acted here.”

Kilmeade mentioned MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, a critic of Fox News and Trump, suggesting the use of video in the impeachment managers’ presentations compared to the video she uses to open her show. It is unclear if he was talking about any specific video.

Trump’s Senate trial began on Tuesday and House managers began their 16 hours of arguments Wednesday. In their testimony, they’ve sought to tie together the timeline of events at the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol with corresponding video evidence from various points of the riot. Much of the video showed abuse that police officers faced from the rioters throughout the day.

“They never should have had the Jan. 6 rally. Does anyone disagree with that? If President Trump wanted to show his popularity, win Georgia. At least one of the seats. That would have actually shown more. It got out of control. I don’t think he ever intended that, and that’s the point,” Kilmeade continued, referencing the rally Trump held preceding the storming of the Capitol and the two Senate runoff elections that Democrats won in Georgia on Jan. 5.

“It became very redundant too. It was like the same thing, the same person, showing more emotion, and citing something personal about them. And that’s when I think they’re beginning to lose the public. As we get set for day three they’re going to finish up with some more testimony and then we’ve got more of this and then we’re going to see what the Trump team has,” he concluded.