‘Taking His Powers Is Not Good Enough’: New York Democrat Says There’s More In Store For Cuomo


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic New York Assemblyman Ron Kim made it clear Friday that he was going to continue pushing back on Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Kim joined ABC’s “The View” to discuss threats he had received from the governor and what he and other members of New York’s General Assembly might do next. (RELATED: ‘Loud Enough For My Wife To Hear’: Democrat Details Threatening Phone Call From Gov. Cuomo)


Kim said that, while he was not necessarily a fan of Cuomo’s, he had supported the governor in part because he felt that the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic had not been sufficient under former President Donald Trump.

“There are plenty of things that the Trump Administration did wrong, and for that reason that you just mentioned, that is why I stood up,” Kim said. “I even argued against some of my progressive colleagues last year to give this governor the powers that he sought, and an extra $40 million to get ahead of the curve. I even sponsored that bill and I stood up and defended him in conference, in my Democratic conference saying, Washington is not doing enough. We need this governor, whether you like him or dislike him, that’s not the point.”

Kim went on to say that if he and other legislators had been given the real data in real time, they would have been better able to do their jobs and they might have gotten a different outcome.

Meghan McCain made her personal disdain for Cuomo clear when she joined the conversation, saying, “I think that Cuomo is a ghoul who should step down after everything that has happened. I can’t believe the media had let him get away with it as long as they did.” (RELATED: ‘Media Has Ignored It For A Year’: Meghan McCain Slams Media For Giving Cuomo A Pass While Blasting Cruz)

McCain noted that there was already an effort underway to strip Cuomo of the emergency powers he’d made use of throughout the pandemic, asking Kim whether he believed there would be bipartisan support for impeachment as well.

“My colleagues this week on both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans have reached out to me. What’s next? How do we — how do we get the process started? Taking his powers is not good enough. It’s going to expire anyways. What are the next steps?” Kim replied. “So right now we’re actively talking about what that looks like, and people have also asked me, you know, should he resign? And I think Cuomo himself should be asking himself that question in this moment.”