‘That’s My Prediction’: Following Court Loss On Tax Returns, Michael Cohen Advises Donald Trump To Get ‘A Custom-Made Jumpsuit’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Michael Cohen said Monday that former President Donald Trump should be worried about serving time.

Cohen joined MSNBC’s Katy Tur to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance to obtain eight years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns. He made it clear that he expected those records to land the former president in prison. (RELATED: ‘This Is What Drives Me Nuts’: Joy Behar Asks Michael Cohen How To Make Americans Stop Loving Trump)


Cohen, who had previously served as Trump’s personal attorney, suggested he may have even witnessed the “hush money” payments that could be problematic in the hands of the district attorney.

“We know at least initially this investigation was all about hush money payments, which you were involved with,” Tur began. “What might these financial documents, these tax returns show on that front?”

“Well, obviously we don’t know what the tax returns show,” Cohen replied, noting that Trump had worked hard to prevent anyone from getting access to his tax records. “You know, remember the Hans Christian Anderson book ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’? I think we’re going to need to see a sequel to that book called, ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes.'”

Cohen went on to suggest Trump would get caught because there was no way to declare “hush money” as a legitimate deduction, noting that he was not an accountant and could not go into greater detail.

“One thing I can turn around and tell you, he should start maybe speaking to someone about getting a custom-made jumpsuit, because it does not look good for him,” Cohen added.

Trump responded to the court’s decision, calling it a “continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in the history of our country.”