REVIEW: ‘Behind Her Eyes’ Might Be Netflix’s Next Big Hit

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Netflix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4LtoWQaLxk)

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Netflix’s newest psychological thriller “Behind Her Eyes” might not be exactly what you think.

The Netflix summary doesn’t do this show justice and really only markets this as a show about adultery. However, “Behind Her Eyes” has a much more sinister plot line.

Check out the trailer if you don’t believe me.

What starts out as a simple story about a woman attracted to her boss, quickly turns into something much more mysterious. The storyline includes actors Simona Brown as Louise, Tom Bateman as David, Eve Hewson as Adele and Robert Aramayo as Rob. (RELATED: REVIEW: Season 3 Of ‘The Sopranos’ Is Amazing)

Right away you know something seriously disturbing happened in David and Adele’s past, but the showrunners do a great job of luring you in and drawing the story out. You almost don’t understand what is going on until the very last episode with a wickedly twisted ending.

This show will definitely go down as one of Netflix’s best limited series productions.

The series features six-episodes and was released as a limited series on Feb. 17. It’s unclear if it will remain a stand-alone series though. The twist ending could allow for the showrunners to create a second season, but it would be tricky.