‘I’m Not A Spokesperson For The Teachers Unions’: Jen Psaki Can’t Say Whether Unions Should Be Obligated To Students

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that she could not speak for the teachers unions or what their priorities should be.

Psaki told CBS Radio’s Steven Portnoy that she was not the spokesperson for the teachers unions and couldn’t speak to whether they were first obligated to the teachers or to the students. (RELATED: ‘Psaki Projects Total Fear’: Megyn Kelly Says Press Secretary ‘Lacks The Courage’ To ‘Call Cuomo’s Lie A Lie’)


“What is this president’s view toward the loyalty the teachers unions should have towards students?” Portnoy asked, noting that President Joe Biden has always been a strong supporter of unions. “Is the teachers union’s obligation to the workers and their concerns about safety? Or is the teachers union obligation also to students?”

“I’m not a spokesperson for the teachers union,” Psaki replied, saying that she could not speak to the obligations of the teachers unions. “I’m a spokesperson for the President of the United States.”

Psaki went on to say that Biden was committed not just to the students, but to the teachers and the parents as well.

“His commitment is to the students and to the teachers and to the parents who want to have their kids back in school and he wants to do that safely and that’s what his focus is,” Psaki said. “And that’s the role he can play from the federal government.”