Poll: Democrats Are More Concerned About Trump Supporters Than White Supremacy, Systemic Racism

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democrats are more concerned about former President Donald Trump’s supporters than they are about white nationalism or systemic racism.

According to a new poll from Echelon Insights, 82% of Democrats said that Trump’s supporters were their chief concern. The same poll indicated that 79% of Democrats viewed white nationalism as a major issue, and 77% were worried about systemic racism. Gun violence (76%) and Americans lacking health insurance (75%) rounded out the top five issues. (RELATED: Nearly 3/4 Of Voters Think America Is On The Wrong Track, Poll Shows)

The same poll found that Republicans were most concerned about illegal immigration (81%) and a lack of support for law enforcement (79%). The top five issues also included high taxes (77%), bias in media (75%) and the general moral decline of the country as a whole (74%).

Among the issues that rated a similar response from both Republicans and Democrats, 74% said that the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic was the top concern. The spread of COVID-19 ranked second overall for 69% of respondents and 58% listed budget and deficits as a major concern. COVID-19 school closures and lockdown policies ranked 56% and 54% respectively.

The poll, Party Concerns & Candidate Qualities, surveyed 1005 registered voters between Feb. 12-18, 2021.