When Can ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Expect A Trailer For Season Four?

(Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Yellowstone” season four is expected at some point in 2021, and fans are starting to wonder when we’re going to get a trailer.

Every single season of the hit show with Kevin Costner has premiered in June, but the trailers have come at different times. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Ends Season 3 With One Of The Greatest Cliffhangers In TV History)

Season one’s trailer was released in March, season two’s trailer came out in April and season three’s trailer showed up in May.

So, the trailers have been pushed back a bit more and more every single year, which is why I’m sitting here wondering we’ll get a peek at season four.

Given the fact trailers have come out for the previous seasons in three different months, it’s incredibly hard to know when we’ll get a look at season four.

However, if we believe it’s still going to premiere in June as it has historically, then the latest we’d see some new “Yellowstone” footage is May.

We also could see it literally at any time if history is any kind of indicator. To put it simply, it seems like we’re now in a zone where we have to keep our eyes peeled.

In a sense, the trailer is on the clock.

I’ve also reached out to my sources at Paramount to get a better idea for you guys. When I hear back from them, I’ll make sure to update you all. Otherwise, happy viewing in the meantime!