Pipe Bomb Found At Iowa Polling Location

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A live pipe bomb was found at an Iowa polling location as ballots were cast for Tuesday’s special election, the Associated Press reported.

Police responded to a morning call about a suspicious item at the Lakeside Center in Ankeny, Iowa, where the special election for a local school took place. Police later confirmed that the metallic item located on the ground near the building was indeed a pipe bomb, according to the Associated Press.

The pipe bomb was described as a “metal piece with two end caps” by Jamie Fitzgerald, the Polk County Auditor. It remained unclear whether the pipe bomb had any connection to the special election or how long the explosive device was at the Lakeside Center.

Police reportedly evacuated the building and the pipe bomb was safely detonated. The center reopened about three hours after the pipe bomb was found. (RELATED: REPORT: Two Pipe Bombs Detonated At RNC Headquarters, Suspicious Package At DNC)

The special election was for voters to decide whether to approve spending plans of the “Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund,” a penny sales tax, according to USA Today

There were no other pipe bombs or suspicious devices found at other Ankeny polling locations and the investigation into who planted the pipe bomb is ongoing. 

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