These Smart Insoles Will Change Your Golf Game, And They’re On Sale

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While it’s true that practice makes perfect, sometimes you need a little extra help to take your golf game from average to pro-level. But perhaps the improvements to be made lie in the little details, like the way you stand as you putt or balance your body weight while swinging.

If you want this invaluable insight, SALTED Smart Insoles will open your eyes like never before. Linked to an accompanying app, these insoles use patented pressure sensor technology to gauge all kinds of things, including your gate, any weight-based imbalances, and even muscle movement, allowing you to see exactly what needs improvement when you’re on the green.

While these measurements are incredibly helpful as you attempt to improve your golf game, the fact that you can assess these things in real-time is, in every sense of the word, a total game-changer. This immediate feedback can help you make adjustments right on the spot, letting you self-correct and become more aware of the way you move right then and there.

Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, SALTED Smart Insoles are incredibly easy to use and comfortable to wear. And since they’re both water and dust-proof, you can slip these guys into your shoes no matter what the weather looks like on the green. And when they need their battery replenished, simply use the included charger to juice them up again, easy as that.

Check out all the great things people are saying about the SALTED Smart Insoles online!

“The Salted Golf app is easy on the eyes in terms of interface. The overlay feature is fantastic for me as a regular golfer. Being able to compare my posture and swing with a pro golfer really helps me out.” – Peter P.

“Happy to report that the Salted insole has given me the basics of the pressure mat but in a much more cost-friendly package.” – Dianetb

“Next-gen way of training a more balanced and powerful golf swing!” – Armando

Right now, you can snag your own pair of SALTED Smart Insoles for just $199.99, over 10% off their regular price.

Prices subject to change.


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