Jane Fonda Says She’d Only Get Into A Sexual Relationship With A Younger Man

(Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Chopard)

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Actress Jane Fonda opened up about her love life in a Harper’s Bazaar cover story published Thursday.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship, a sexual relationship, again,” Fonda told the outlet.

“I don’t have that desire,” she continued. “Do I fantasize? Yes … That I meet a professor or a researcher, somebody in that line who is really capable of loving, of cherishing a woman, so that I could test myself and see if I could show up.” (RELATED: Jane Fonda Channels The 80s In Hilarious Throwback Workout Video)

“I think maybe now I could, but the problem is that, like a man, I would want a younger man,” Fonda revealed. “Isn’t that awful? It’s a thing about skin. I would want a younger man, and I’m too vain.”

Look, it’s 2021 now and there are no age restrictions on relationships anymore Fonda. You can be with whomever you want to be with and it doesn’t really make you vain. At least not in this time period.

Fonda definitely would be judged by the masses that still give a sh*t about what other people are doing, but I think she’d make it out just fine.

I think she could go for it. The only question is could she pull a younger man? We’ll have to wait and see.