Nikki Haley Says She Won’t Run In 2024 If Trump Does


Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Monday she would not run for President in 2024 if former President Donald Trump decides to run again.

Haley told the Associated Press at a press conference that she would support Trump if he chose to run again in 2024.

“I would not run if President Trump ran, and I would talk to him about it. That’s something that we will have a conversation about, at some point if that decision is something that has to be made,” she said.

The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations said she had a “great working relationship” with Trump and “appreciated the way he let me do my job.”

“I thought we did some fantastically great foreign policy things together. I just want to keep building on what we accomplished and not watch it get torn down,” Haley added.

Haley stated that the last time she spoke with Trump was after the November 2020 election and before the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. (RELATED: Nikki Haley Slams Trump, Says He Will Be ‘Judged Harshly By History’)

Trump and Haley’s relationship has been rocky since she criticized the former president after the events of Jan. 6. Haley told Politico his actions “since Election Day will be judged harshly by history.” She was also denied a meeting with Trump in February after condemning him for the riot.