Man Hit By Car Gets Run Over And Dragged By Second Car In Fatal Hit-And-Run, Video Shows

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released surveillance footage Wednesday of a fatal hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian Monday.

A man was standing in the middle of the road around 1:20 a.m. Monday when a 2-door car collided with the individual, according to the LAPD.

Video shows the vehicle slamming into the individual, catapulting him into the air before the individual crashes onto the ground. The vehicle flees without “attempting to render aid to the victim as required by law,” the LAPD said.

The man can be heard calling for help in the video.

Video shows a female passerby pull over, exit her vehicle and appear to talk to the man. After what appeared to be a brief conversation, the female goes back into her car and drives off. (RELATED: Woman Dies After Being Knocked Unconscious, Run Over By Backhoe, Video Shows)

A Spanish-speaking male driver then pulls over and appears to check on the man, who was laying in the middle of the road still. As the male was speaking to the victim, a speeding sedan can be seen running over the victim and dragging him “approximately 60 feet before being dislodged,” according to the LAPD. Both the Spanish-speaking male and the driver of the second vehicle involved in a hit-and-run left the scene.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and tried to render life-saving aid. The man, however, was pronounced dead and was identified as a 35-year-old white male, who is a resident of Los Angeles, according to the LAPD.

A $50,000 reward is being offered in connection with the investigation, according to police.