‘Excuse Me?’: Greg Gutfeld Blows Up At Ted Williams For Suggesting He Was ‘Off His Meds’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blew up at former homicide detective Ted Williams during a Tuesday segment of “The Five.”

Gutfeld and Williams got into a heated exchange following the announcement that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had been found guilty on all three counts against him pursuant to the May 2020 death of George Floyd. (RELATED: ‘Cause It’s None Of Your F*cking Business’: Greg Gutfeld Torches Brian Stelter On Vaccination-Selfie Criticism)


Williams, who had just landed in Minnesota, said he could already see the tensions beginning to lift following the verdict. He mentioned the “thin blue line,” saying that many had believed that it would be impossible to convict a police officer because they fully expected the officers to protect their own.

“Honorable police officers, police officers who serve every day, they got on that stand and they told the the truth,” Williams said, adding, “I got to tell you, Greg is off his meds if he believes there was not evidence, that’s what I’m saying —”

“‘Scuse me? Excuse me? What did you say? Excuse me, what did he say? Am I off my meds?” Gutfeld shot back. “You’re lucky you’re not around here.”

“Let me finish. Let me finish,” Williams protested. “If you do not believe that there has not been the evidence in support of these charges I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you —”

“I didn’t say that,” Gutfeld continued to talk over Williams, repeating in a singsong voice, “That is not what I said.”

“I am not finished. Due process actually works in this case, and when you look at a police officer with his knee on a man’s neck, battering, pushing down on that man’s neck, that man is calling for his mother, calling up for the community, calling out, saying he couldn’t breathe and the police officer didn’t have enough in him to take his —” Williams continued, but “The Five” co-host Dana Perino interrupted, cutting away to a statement from Democratic Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.