‘Serving Up Stone Cold Trump Leftovers’: Dagen McDowell Says Biden Only Polls Well On Continuing Trump Policies

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell argued Monday that President Joe Biden was only polling well on issues that had seen a continuation of former President Donald Trump’s policies.

McDowell joined “The Five” on Fox News to discuss Biden’s first 100 days in office, and she said that how the president was performing depended on which issues were on the table. (RELATED: ‘Slipping Into Hacktastic Irrelevancy’: Dagen McDowell Says No One Is Waiting For Fauci’s Permission To Go Out)


“Dagen, it’s also — I read that thing today about the shortage economy, meaning there is all sorts of things that are coming up short right now,” cohost Dana Perino began. “How do you measure the first 100 days?”

McDowell noted that there were more job openings than there had been even before the pandemic, largely because businesses were having a hard time finding workers.

“You can analyze these polling numbers in a different way. So Joe Biden is net positive, meaning approval higher than disapproval, on four issues: coronavirus, health care, economy, foreign policy. He is net negative on guns, border security and immigration, McDowell continued. “What does that mean? Coronavirus, health, economy and foreign policy, Joe Biden is merely serving up stone cold Trump leftovers to the voters. That’s why he is polling better on those issues. Coronavirus, vaccine, health care, vaccine, economy, low taxes, $4 trillion in stimulus last year before Joe Biden ever entered the White House and foreign policy. So, say thank you, Joe, to Donald Trump.”

McDowell went on to say one reason Biden wasn’t polling better was that he had “completely screwed over” union workers, specifically with regard to his day one cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.

“You don’t need to analyze 100 days. You need to analyze one day. Joe Biden’s first day in office where, as Jesse said, he killed the Keystone XL Pipeline,” McDowell said. “He destroyed thousands upon thousands of great paying union jobs. And then he turns around with his dishonest gum-flapping and starts promising great pay and union jobs if you just pass this infrastructure plan which is a government takeover of the energy industry.”

“That’s why you have the socialist in the ruby red lipstick all excited,” McDowell concluded apparently referencing Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ claim that Biden’s first 100 days had exceeded expectations. “This country is going down the tubes American people know it.” (RELATED: Lindsey Graham: It’s ‘All You Need To Know’ That Ocasio-Cortez Is Pleased With Biden’s First 100 Days)

“Bartender, we’ll have another round of what Dagen had right before the show,” Perino said with a laugh.