Grand Jury For Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Attempt Adds ‘Weapon Of Mass Destruction’ Charges

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Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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A federal grand jury in Michigan added new charges against three men for conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction in the kidnapping attempt of Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In the new indictment, the jury charged 40-year-old Adam Fox, 45-year-old Barry Croft, and 23-year-old Daniel Joseph Harris with “knowingly conspiring to use weapons of mass destructions against persons or property.” It alleged that the three men had intentions to destroy a bridge in order to prevent Gov. Whitmer’s security detail or law enforcement from responding, according to a statement from the DOJ.

The charge for possessing weapons of mass destruction potentially carries a life sentence, according to the statement.

Both Croft and Harris were also charged with a federal firearms violation for allegedly being in possession of an unregistered “destructive device,” on September 13, 2020, according to the DOJ. This charge carries a maximum of 10 years.

Additionally, Harris was allegedly in possession of a .222/5.56 mm caliber semiautomatic assault rifle which was not registered in his name. Harris could potentially face an additional 10 years for this possession charge.

Adam Fox, 40, Barry Croft Jr., 45, and Daniel Joseph Harris, 23, were all charged with knowingly conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons or property.​

The new charges come in addition to the kidnapping conspiracy charges filed in October 2020 against Fox, Croft, and Harris in addition to Kaleb Franks and Brandon Caserta.

In December, six men were indicted in the conspiracy to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, with Fox and Croft allegedly orchestrating the plot and recruiting the four other men. The sixth man, Ty Garbin plead guilty in December to charges relating to conspiring to kidnap Gov. Whitmer and is currently awaiting sentencing. (RELATED: 6 People Charged For Plotting To Kidnap Michigan Governor)

All of the accused face up to life in prison on the conspiracy to kidnap charges.