Kelly Osbourne Criticizes Cancel Culture, Says People Need A ‘Gentle Nudge’

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF)

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TV personality Kelly Osbourne criticized cancel culture, saying people should be given a “gentle nudge in the right direction” instead.

Osbourne opened up about her views on cancel culture in an interview published Tuesday with Extra.

“I didn’t know what was really going on in this country because I just thought that simply being not racist was enough,” Kelly told the outlet. “It’s not, it’s actually not, you have to be actively not racist and educate yourself and learn, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake, everybody’s so afraid of cancel culture …” (RELATED: Taylor Swift Talks About The Dangers Of Cancel Culture In New Vogue Interview)

“I say f*ck cancel culture, it’s all about counsel culture … educate people, teach people … a gentle nudge in the right direction is so much better than a public execution,” she added.

Other stars have come out to criticize cancel culture as well.

Actor Dennis Quaid previously slammed cancel culture after a coronavirus PSA he released became politicized. Sharon Stone recently said cancel culture was the “stupidest” thing she had ever seen happen.

“I think cancel culture is the stupidest thing I have ever seen happen,” Stone said during an appearance on “Just Jenny.” “I think when people say things that they feel and mean, and it’s offensive to you, it’s a brilliant opportunity for everyone to learn and grow and understand each other.”