Ellen DeGeneres Says Toxic Workplace Allegations Felt ‘Misogynistic,’ ‘Coordinated’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot TODAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bKgbnoeKPQ)

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TV personality Ellen DeGeneres claimed the toxic workplace allegations brought against “The Ellen Show” felt “misogynistic” and “coordinated.”

DeGeneres opened up about the allegations brought against her show last summer during q Thursday appearance on the “TODAY” show.

“I have to say, if nobody else is saying it, it was really interesting because I’m a woman, and it did feel very misogynistic,” DeGeneres said during the interview. (RELATED: Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Sees A Drop In Ratings After Reports Surface Saying She’s Mean)

Host Savannah Guthrie asked DeGeneres if she felt like she was being “canceled,” but the TV host claimed she still doesn’t “understand it,” Page Six noted.

“I mean, I really don’t understand it,” DeGeneres said. “I still don’t understand it. It was too orchestrated. It was too coordinated.”

“And then for me to read in the press about a toxic work environment when all I’ve ever heard from every guest that comes on the show is what a happy atmosphere this is and what a happy place is,” DeGeneres said.

DeGeneres clarified that sometimes it is common for people to “get picked on.”

DeGeneres announced the end of her show, “The Ellen Show,” Wednesday.

“When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged – and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore,” DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter.