‘Go Work For Your Brother Then’: Joe Concha Lists All The Infractions He Says Should Have Gotten Chris Cuomo Canned

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Joe Concha ripped into CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, calling him an “activist” and saying he probably should have been fired a number of times.

Concha made an appearance on Monday’s broadcast of “Outnumbered.” He argued that Cuomo’s admission — that he participated in strategy calls after his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was accused of sexual harassment — was just the latest in a string of infractions that could have justified his termination at CNN. (RELATED: ‘If My Dad Had Been Accused Of Sexual Assault’: Meghan McCain Blasts Chris Cuomo For Not Covering Bad News About His Brother)


The segment began with a short video clip of Chris Cuomo’s on-air apology. He told viewers after the news broke that he had only meant to put family first, adding that he had always been “fiercely loyal” to family and that he understood he had put the network in a difficult position.

“So Chris Cuomo is fiercely loyal to his family, OK, go work for your brother then, you do already, you might as well get paid for that aspect. That’s what’s unbelievable about this, right?” Concha began, suggesting that other alternative careers Cuomo might consider were with the Democratic National Committee or in running for office himself.

Referring to Cuomo as an “activist,” Concha then went on to list a series of alleged ethical violations and infractions that he said might have gotten anyone else fired.

Concha said Cuomo had received priority COVID-19 testing in March 2020, along with other family members, on his brother’s orders. He then interviewed his brother multiple times throughout the early days of the pandemic, but never asked him difficult questions about the state order that put coronavirus-positive patients into nursing homes and resulted in thousands of deaths.

“Those weren’t interviews, it was PR, again, he works for his brother,” Concha continued. “April of 2020 he fakes his own quarantine, actually gets into a confrontation with a 60-something-year-old man at the Hamptons at another house he’s building, so he wasn’t at his house, he was 30 minutes away, thereby putting that person at risk. That person filed a police report against him so he should’ve been gone then at that point.”

Concha also noted the tape of Cuomo coaching former Trump attorney Michael Cohen — feeding him both questions and answers – through an interview. “How does that not get him fired?” he asked.

“Now he’s giving his brother advice on how to avoid allegations around sexual harassment, if you are a woman and you appear on that show, shame on you because this is not somebody who believes all women as he so piously said over the last year and a half,” Concha concluded.