New Star Wars Movies Are ‘Mediocre And Schlocky,’ Ninth Circuit Court Rules

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/ Star Wars)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said the new “Star Wars” movies under Disney’s watch are “mediocre and schlocky.”

“That is like George Lucas promising no more mediocre and schlocky ‘Star Wars’ sequels shortly after selling the franchise to Disney,” the summary from Judge Kenneth K. Lee read on Tuesday about the sequels in the “Star Warsfranchise. “Such a promise would be illusory.”

The comments were noted by the director of litigation with the Hamilton Lincoln Law institute, Ted Frank, in a post on Twitter.

“[T]he Ninth Circuit makes it official, holding that, as a matter of law, Disney’s THE LAST JEDI was ‘mediocre and schlocky,'” Frank’s tweet read.

The ruling was for the case of Briseno v. Henderson in an underlying lawsuit that alleged  “Wesson Oils were falsely marketed as ‘100% natural’ under the laws of several states,” a press release about the ruling from the Hamilton Lincoln Law Institute read. The reason it wasn’t true was because the “oils were derived in part from genetically modified crops.” (RELATED: Watch The First Full Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’)

“ConAgra thus essentially agreed not to do something over which it lacks the power to do,” the ruling said. (RELATED: Legendary Actor From ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Spaceballs’ Breaks Decades-Long Acting Hiatus For 30-Second Commercial)

The opinion also drew a comparison of the reality show “The Bachelor” to “ConAgra’s promise not to use the phrase “100% Natural on Wesson Oil” which was “meaningless” it said because “ConAgra no longer owns Wesson Oil.”

“In reality, this promise is about as meaningful and enduring as a proposal in the Final Rose ceremony on the Bachelor,” Lee’s summary explained.