‘I Think They Were Evenly Matched’: Geraldo Rivera Says Trump A Better Choice Than Biden To Take On Putin

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Geraldo Rivera said Wednesday that former President Donald Trump was a better choice than President Biden to go head to head with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rivera said on Fox News’ “The Five” that he didn’t “trust a Democrat regime” — and that he liked seeing the “boisterous, bullying braggart” Trump opposite Putin because he felt that they were more “evenly matched.” (RELATED: ‘Repeating Hamas Propaganda’: Katie Pavlich Blasts Geraldo Rivera Over Claim US Is ‘Complicit’ In ‘Crime Against Humanity’)


Greg Gutfeld began the conversation by arguing that Biden was likely to get a glowing review from the media no matter how the G7 and his meeting with Putin turned out. Turning to Dana Perino, he said, “Dana, the fact is is that as long as Joe doesn’t eat a live dog on TV the press is going to call this a raving success.”

“There’s no doubt,” Perino agreed. “All the headlines, America is back, they’re happier, oh, look, everyone is smiling. And the biggest issue for — especially for the media and a lot of Europeans is the climate. Remember that, pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, that was the thing that really made everybody mad during the Trump administration so tone and demeanor will of course be different, but getting good media coverage on the first part of this trip will be a layup.

Gutfeld went on to argue that when Trump traveled abroad, everyone knew exactly what he stood for and where he was coming from. “They don’t know where President Biden is coming from, right? He’s got no vision,” he said.

“It’s worse than that, Greg. Remember Crimea fell to Putin during the Obama Administration. And the Democrats have been very squishy, it seems to me,” Rivera added, saying that one of Trump’s major accomplishments had been his efforts to hold NATO allies responsible for putting up the funding they were supposed to contribute to their own defense.

“I don’t trust a Democratic regime, I like seeing Trump and Putin together, they seemed, maybe it’s just optics, they seemed equal to me. They didn’t — Trump, he’s the boisterous bullying braggart and so is Putin and I think they were evenly matched,” Rivera concluded.