‘Biden Acted Like Mr. Magoo On Magic Mushrooms’: Greg Gutfeld Says Optics Might Be Why He Won’t Do Joint Presser With Putin

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that optics might be the real reason President Joe Biden is not planning a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gutfeld joined “The Five” cohost Dana Perino in suggesting that the White House might be concerned about how Biden might look standing next to Putin after their planned summit meeting. (RELATED: ‘She Doesn’t Even Expect Obvious Questions’: Greg Gutfeld Says Watching Kamala Harris Take Questions Is Like ‘Watching A Drunk Play Jenga’)


Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy opened the discussion on Biden’s planned summit with Putin, and cohost Richard Fowler said he held out hope that Biden would get it right — and argued that holding a solo press conference rather than giving Putin a platform might be a step in that direction.

Kennedy turned the question to Dana Perino, who had previously argued it was a bad idea to hold a summit in the first place.

“The White House explanation is they didn’t want to give Putin an international platform,” Perino said, going on to say that they had given him an international platform when they agreed to the summit.

“I don’t really buy that. I — you have to wonder if they thought that it might not be good to have them on stage together,” Perino added. “I think that they will come out of it was some sort of thing where they can agree on a climate change something or other and the media will swoon and everyone will be so pleased but he has to come out of it was something on the ransomware. He has to because that’s actually affecting people and there are Americans being held unjustly, in addition to Alexei Navalny.”

“Look, here’s the problem, the problem with President Biden is you don’t know where he’s coming from and you don’t know where he’s going, much like himself, and with the contrast is you always knew where Donald Trump was coming from,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld went on to say that some of the things former President Donald Trump had done seemed less impulsive than they had in the moment — especially with regard to his interactions with foreign leaders.

“Biden can bumble through this thing with these long, frightening pauses and we all just sit there quietly and go, holy hell, what’s going on?” Gutfeld concluded. “That pause went on forever and meanwhile God forbid Trump held his glass of water with two hands or shuffled down a ramp, that slippery ramp, and everybody went ballistic but Biden acted like Mr. Magoo on magic mushrooms and we all had to say, ‘You know, nothing to see here.'”