Assistant AG Told Councilman Who Interrupted His Nap To ‘Die And Go To Hell’ But Says He’s Sorry Now

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Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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A Utah Assistant Attorney General apologized Tuesday for an expletive-filled Facebook rant directed at a city councilman who interrupted his nap.

Darin Mano, a Salt Lake City city councilman who was campaigning for re-election, reportedly awoke Assistant Attorney General Steven Wuthrich from his Saturday nap. In response, Wuthrich posted an angry message on Facebook telling the then-unknown door knocker to “die and go to hell.”

“On a nice Saturday afternoon myself and my wife and my downstairs tenant were all taking a lovely siesta when some mother f*cking ignorant son-of-b*tch rang our doorbell and put your piece sh*t unwanted solicitation in our door waking the dogs and waking us and the neighbors with an uproar,” he wrote Saturday. (RELATED: Security Smashed Into Pruitt’s Apartment To Wake Him Up From A Nap)

“I hate you. I hate your family. I hate your solicitors. I hate your contributors. I hate your sponsors,” he added.

Mano told the Salt Lake City Tribune that he believes Wuthrich’s rant was “hate speech,” since “there’s a photo in the materials I dropped off that shows my partner and our kids… We’re a family that’s a little outside the typical for Utah.”

Wuthrich did not use any racial or homophobic slurs in the post. He said in his apology that he did not mean to attack Mano’s family.

“No parent, spouse or child should be subjected to such emotional outbursts. I am deeply sorry,” he said, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Wuthrich further expressed regret for the “ferocity and language of that email.”

“Last Saturday, I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility,” he wrote. “My words were uncivil and unprofessional. From me personally, I apologize to Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano and his family.”

Mano is hoping to be the first Asian-American elected to the Salt Lake City council.