Wild Video Surfaces Of Two People Out For A Hike When A Bear Shows Up. Yes, You Read That Correctly

(Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Barstool Sports/Instagram/JoeRakun)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Wild video surfaced on Thursday of two people out for a mountain hike when all of the sudden a bear showed up to join in on the fun.

Yes, you read that correctly. In a clip posted on Twitter by Barstool Sports, we see the back of one of the hikers sitting on a large rock. The view behind her appears to be high up with the two surrounded by trees. (RELATED: Man Sleeping In His Backyard Gets Quite The Surprise When Bear Wakes Him Up)

The person operating the video can be overheard telling his companion that it is time for them to move at the same time a large black bear appeared on the other side of the rock just strolling towards them.(RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Go Ahead And Move Forward’: Fox News Reporter Reacts As A Bear Runs Through Live Shot)

“I think we should move,” he told the woman.


At one point, we see the the woman stand up very slowly back off the rock and start to walk away.

“Just slow, slow,” he coached his companion once again,

As the outlet noted, she seemed way more calm than would be logical in that situation as the two were just steps away from each other at one point.

But clearly, the hikers knew what they were doing as they slowly made their getaway and the bear took over their spot for some quality sun-in rock time.