‘I’m Going To Go Ahead And Move Forward’: Fox News Reporter Reacts As A Bear Runs Through Live Shot

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Fox News reporter Christina Coleman reacted on air when a bear got uncomfortably close to herself and her camera crew during a live report about the California wildfires on Saturday.

“Fox Report” host Jon Scott had turned to Coleman to report on-site from Monrovia, California on the ongoing fires that have ravaged the area. After interviewing several residents, including one who said she was concerned for displaced wildlife, the bear appeared walking down a street behind the shoot.

“Also to talk about the wildlife that we mentioned, the woman that we interviewed said she was concerned about it,” Coleman said. “Take a look at this over here. Here’s a brown bear that’s just makings its way through this neighborhood. Keep in mind this area, it’s near the Angeles forest. This is a forest community, so you have a lot of wildlife out there.”


“I’m going to go ahead and move forward,” Coleman said, barely missing a beat as the bear took a turn toward her and began running. “So between the wildlife out here, the people who live out here in the community there’s a lot going on hoping that everybody is able to stay safe as this fire continues to burn.” (RELATED: Pelosi On Fires In California: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry’)

“Christina, I’m going to guess that’s a first for you doing a live shot with a bear in the background,” Scott said, to which a laughing Coleman replied, “Yes, it is, definitely.”