Trump Says Biden Is Trying To Steal Credit For Vaccines, Ignoring Operation Warp Speed

Photo by STEPHANIE LECOCQ/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Former President Donald Trump released a statement Friday criticizing President Joe Biden for taking credit for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

“When Biden tries to claim credit for vaccine distribution, a distribution system that was set up by the Trump Administration, he should remember that if I didn’t purchase, very early on, billions of dollars worth of the vaccine, bottles, needles, and everything else . . . he and his administration would not have been giving vaccinations until October or November of this year,” Trump said.

Trump’s statement comes as the current daily vaccination rate among Americans has plummeted. Biden had previously set a goal of having 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by July 4. (RELATED: Poll Finds 90% Of Fully Vaccinated Americans Are Still Wearing Masks)

“So let them go on with their Fake Campaign and Fake Election results and Fake Media,” Trump went on to say. “Without the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed, millions of people would be dying all over the World that will now be saved.”

June 3, the United States reported the lowest daily coronavirus case rate since the beginning of the pandemic, including a 30% drop from the previous week.