‘They Are In Disarray’: Dana Perino Tells Republicans To ‘Eat Some Popcorn’ And Watch The Democrats Fight

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino said Tuesday that Republicans should take a step back and let Democrats fight each other.

Perino said on “The Five” that the Democratic Party was “in disarray” as progressives and moderates warred over the proposed bipartisan infrastructure deal and a possible reconciliation package, and advised Republicans to “eat some popcorn” and leave them to it. (RELATED: ‘Now Everybody Is Mad, Well Done’: Dana Perino Says Biden’s Gun Violence Speech Hit All The Wrong Notes)


Cohost Jesse Watters began the segment by saying that President Joe Biden — who ran on being able to bring both sides together — had apparently set off the progressive wing of his own party by attempting to work with Republicans to reach a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure.

“Of course, the far left is furious with the deal. AOC and her climate crusaders actually showed up outside of the White House and called him a coward,” Watters said. “I thought last week that we had a deal, Biden came out and he even whispered he had a deal and then all of a sudden there is no deal and he is scrambling and what is happening?”

“Democrats are in disarray and I think it’s pretty funny that many of them believe the Republicans are now in the hot seat because they have to decide if they’re going to support this deal,” Perino replied, noting that within hours of the deal being announced, Biden had issued an apparent veto threat — which he later walked back.

“They’ve treated Bernie Sanders like he was a crazy uncle for so long but now he is chairman of the Budget Committee, and he’s saying $6 trillion. And the left isn’t going to let up on this so Republicans could sit back, eat some popcorn and watch the situation,” Perino continued.

“One thing Republicans do have to think about is a lot of these things sound very popular and when you do the initial poll the 2016 election — well, 2020 but probably 2016 as well, if you ask do you think everyone should have free health care? Do you think people should be able to have free college? The numbers will be like, yeah, people should be able to do that. Do you think you should pitch in? Do you think you should pay for that? And then the answer is like oh, wait, no, and then that dramatically drops.”