‘It Is A Sham!’: Leo Terrell Tears Into Biden Admin Request For UN To Investigate Racism In America

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell slammed the Biden administration’s plan Thursday to have the U.N. investigate systemic racism in America.

Terrell joined the hosts of “Outnumbered” to talk about Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s request to have U.N. experts evaluate what he believed was the U.S.’ potential issues with systemic racism. On the broadcast, Terrell said that systemic racism no longer exists in America. (RELATED: ‘That’s Not Systemic Racism!’: Leo Terrell Gets Into Yelling Match With Geraldo Rivera Over Police Reform)


“There is no systemic racism in this country. It has been eliminated, it is gone, it does not exist. But these are Democratic talking points to divide this country,” Terrell added.

“Who are the experts that are going to come over here to evaluate a system that does not exist? … It is a sham. It is to divide us. It is hurtful, it is painful, it is embarrassing.”

Blinken made the request in the interest of transparency, saying that the U.S. had to be above any potential scrutiny if it was to be an example, but Terrell argued that the U.S. was already in a position to push back on human rights issues in other nations.

“This is an embarrassment because this is the greatest country in the world, Harris. People are trying to get into this country. Let’s just be honest,” Terrell began, saying that he believed Democrats were using the idea of systemic racism to divide the country.

Terrell concluded that the Biden administration was more focused on tearing the country apart than cracking down on Cuba, China, Russia and other totalitarian countries.

“It is the freest, fairest country on the planet, end of story,” Terrell said about America.