‘Why Did It Take Five Days?’: Kayleigh McEnany Criticizes Biden For Slow-Rolling Communism Condemnation

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized President Joe Biden for taking five days to condemn communism.

McEnany responded Friday to Biden’s statement calling communism “a failed ideology,” noting that Cuban protesters had been in the streets for days before the White House addressed what many believed was the root cause of those protests: Cuba’s oppressive communist government. (RELATED: ‘Kowtow To The Far Left’: Kayleigh McEnany Says Biden Can’t Address ‘Root Cause’ In Cuba Without Angering His Own Party)


“Why did it take five days to denounce communism? Five days!” McEnany asked. “Four press briefings passed with a refusal to denounce communism. It was actually in the fourth where communism was denounced. Peter Doocy pressed her in that third one on Wednesday, and there was a refusal to denounce communism. Why did it take this long?”

“Why did it take a fever pitch of criticism from the right and probably some in their own party as well, internally, to get on what is a common sense message?” McEnany continued, saying that while there were some vocal elements within the Democratic Party who might not agree, there were still many more moderate Democrats who opposed communism.

“Biden had a choice: ‘Do I want to side with the Menendez wing of my party, a very small group, or do I want to side with AOC, BLM, and put my arms around the Cuban dictatorship?’ He chose the former,” McEnany said. “Never forget it, because it took five days to get to this point.”

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pushed press secretary Jen Psaki several times to denounce communism in the wake of Cuba’s freedom protests — which she did Thursday — and Biden issued a similar statement later in the day.