Olympic Skateboarder Gets Injured Going Groin-First Into Metal Bar

[Screenshot/Twitter/Jesse Spector]

Nicole Silverio Contributor
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A Peruvian Olympic skateboarder suffered injuries after slamming groin-first into a metal bar Saturday at the Tokyo Olympics during its first skateboarding event in history.

Angelo Caro Narvaez went down the ramp on his skateboard and successfully jumped onto the first metal rail but then lost balance during his landing moments later, causing his groin to hit the second metal bar in a preliminary round, footage showed.

“That one’s gonna hurt,” the NBC broadcaster responded. (RELATED: Olympic Gold Medalist Put Into Medically Induced Coma After Terrifying Fall During Ski Jump) 

Narvaez landed face-down onto the ground where he remained for several seconds before lifting himself to his feet. He sat and lowered his face as the judges awarded him a score of 1.01 out of 10 for the first round, according to EuroSport.

The 21-year-old made a comeback in his second run, scoring a 6.96 which earned him a position in the finals, the outlet reported. By the end of the day, he came close to earning a bronze medal after winning fifth place with a 32.87 final score.

22-year-old Japanese Olympian Yuto Horigome made history Sunday after winning the first-ever Olympic Gold metal for skateboarding, NPR reported. The new gold medalist flipped his board into the air and slid down rails and accomplished a “nollie 270 noseslide,” where he managed to flip the board and slide it down the rail on its nose.