‘My Last Term’: Tim Scott Won’t Run For Senate After 2022, Stays Mum On 2024 Presidential Race


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott said Sunday that he would not run for reelection after his 2022 bid, but he did not confirm or deny plans to run for president in 2024.

Scott joined guest host Martha MacCallum on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss infrastructure and police reform, and the conversation turned to the senator’s future plans. (RELATED: Sen. Tim Scott Launches 2022 Senate Reelection Bid)


MacCallum noted that Scott had amassed a hefty war chest, raising more than any other 2022 senate candidate — and asked why he wouldn’t run again if he had that kind of support.

“What does that say about — why are you not going to run for Senate again after that, and there’s a lot of talk about you in 2024. Will you be running for president in 2024?”

“I’m going to run for reelection,” Scott said of the 2022 midterm elections, adding, “Here’s what I believe. I believe the American people would really appreciate politicians not being lifetime public servants.”

Scott went on to say that he was thankful to be blessed enough to serve the people of his state, but that he had always been in favor of term limits and for that reason planned to limit himself.

“I had a job before I went into the Senate and I want a job when I leave the Senate,” Scott said. “I’ve committed myself to making this my last term in the Senate, and I’m excited to serve the great people of South Carolina any way they will allow me to.”