‘Why Was He Chosen?’: Sunny Hostin Says Republicans Only Wanted Tim Scott ‘Out Front’ Because He Is Black


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin claimed Thursday that Republicans had chosen Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott to respond to President Joe Biden’s address because he is black.

Hostin said on ABC’s “The View” that she had been “enamored” of Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress, but that she had been “very disappointed” in Scott’s response. (RELATED: ‘I Am So Grossed Out’: Meghan McCain Explodes Over Racist Attacks On Tim Scott)


“Well, you know, it struck me that Biden’s speech was certainly presidential,” Hostin began, saying she had found his demeanor to be warm and caring and his words to be “inspirational.”

“We haven’t seen that kind of speech in four years. So I was really enamored of that,” she added.

“I was also really happy that he called out white supremacy. He clearly said that white supremacy is — our intelligence agencies have determined that white supremacy is terrorizing our country,” Hostin continued. “That is just the truth of it.”

Hostin then pivoted to attack Scott, accusing him of relying on “buzzwords” and Republican talking points.

“I was disappointed that he said America is not a racist country without also talking about the systemic racism that is plaguing this country,” Hostin said, going on to suggest that Scott had only been chosen to give the official Republican response because he was black.

“Why was he chosen to give this rebuttal? He was chosen because he is the only black Republican senator. He is that person. He is the person that Republicans want to put out front because of the problem of racism in this country and he knows that,” Hostin claimed. “So I was sort of disappointed that he was used in this way and didn’t take that opportunity to address that type of — this type of issue head on. That was a disappointment to me.”