Woman Narrowly Avoids Impalement After Metal Pole Crashes Through Windshield In Arizona


Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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An Arizona woman was nearly killed after a metal pole went through her windshield Thursday, according to Fox News.

Mandy Poff was driving on State Route 51 in Mesa, Arizona when a pickup truck hauling a four-foot-long iron pole hit a bump on the freeway, Fox News reported.

The pole was dislodged from the truck and went through Poff’s windshield, nearly impaling her. It landed in her back seat and jabbed her roof, according to Fox News.

“It kind of bounced on the road and flipped up straight through the windshield by my face,” Poff said, according to Fox News. “Went up and lodged itself into my car and into my back seat.” (RELATED: Driver Survives Wild Fall After Car Torpedoes 70 Feet To Highway Below)

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) posted photos of the incident on Facebook and urged residents to secure their loads.

“The pole went through the center of the windshield and became lodged between the center back seat and the roof of the vehicle. Incredibly, the driver of the Nissan escaped without physical injuries,” the post said.

A police officer arrived at the scene and couldn’t believe Poff was unscathed. “I can’t believe you’re still alive,” Poff remembers the officer saying, according to Fox News. “I can’t believe this happened.”

Poff said she is still terrified and struggling with the memory. “I can’t sleep,” said Poff, according to Fox News. “I’m terrified to be in a car … It went right by my face. It was terrifying.” (RELATED: Kentucky Mayor Reportedly Crashes Into Pole After Falling Asleep In Fast Food Drive-Thru While Drunk)

Poff has had difficulty filing an insurance claim as the white pickup truck drove away, according to Fox News.