Can You Guess The Major News Topic Chris Cuomo Totally Ignored On CNN?

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CNN host Chris Cuomo didn’t address New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report that found his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, had sexually harassed multiple women.

Cuomo, who has traditionally addressed major news at the top of his show, began Tuesday’s episode talking about COVID-19.

“We’re focused on Covid,” the CNN host said. “Especially until we get the delta variant under control.” (RELATED: Women’s Group Demands CNN Suspend Chris Cuomo, Investigate How He Advised His Brother On #METOO Allegations)

As soon as Chris Cuomo got off the air, CNN host Don Lemon brought up the AG report about the governor.

James announced Tuesday that an investigation found that the governor had sexually harassed multiple women. According to the AG report, Cuomo had made sexually charged comments and inappropriately touched staff members, and had also participated in a pressure campaign to keep the women quiet.

James said that the governor had violated state and federal law, but later said that he would not face criminal charges.

The report also confirmed that Chris Cuomo had participated in calls advising his brother on how to handle the allegations when they first surfaced. Cuomo had previously admitted to participating in the calls and apologized on-air, telling viewers that he was “family first” but had put his colleagues at CNN in a bad position.

Chris Cuomo also drafted a response to the allegations for his brother, according to the report. The governor gave a speech the same day that was nearly identical to what his brother had written for him.