California Dixie Fire Has Now Burned An Area Larger Than New York City

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California’s Dixie Fire has burned through 679 square miles — an area larger than New York City — and is showing no signs of slowing down, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The Dixie Fire has caused enough damage to classify as the third-largest wildfire in California’s history, according to The Los Angeles Times. As the fire continues to burn, it is endangering another 14,000 buildings spanned across four counties. (RELATED: Several Wildfires Stretching Thousands Of Acres Tearing Through California)

There are more than 5,000 firefighters currently working to extinguish the large fire and at least 31,000 residents were ordered to evacuate, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Officials claimed that the fire’s spread is the result of several conditions that created a “perfect storm” to keep it burning, The Los Angeles Times reported. On Thursday, there were 40-mph wind gusts, which contributed to the burning and the spread.

“It’s all of the things together,” Capt. Mitch Matlow, spokesperson for the Dixie Fire, told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s the heat. It’s the dry fuels. It’s the drought. It’s the wind we saw yesterday. It’s the slope.”

The Dixie Fire is named for the road where it started on July 13, The New York Post noted. As of early Saturday, the inferno was just 21% contained, the outlet reported. This is a decrease from 35% earlier in the week, the Redding Record Searchlight reported. California’s firefighting agency, CalFire, believes it will take two weeks to fully control the fire.

The cause of the Dixie Fire remains unknown and is still under investigation, according to The New York Post.