World-Famous Distillery Glenfiddich Unveils New Delivery Trucks That Use Whiskey Waste As Fuel

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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A Scottish distiller unveiled its new environmentally-friendly delivery trucks that run on whiskey waste products, The Hill reported.

Glenfiddich plans to use low emission biogas produced by waste materials from the malting process. Anaerobic digestion, a process that converts organic matter into biogas, will create the fuel for the new vehicles, The Hill reported.

“The thought process behind this was ‘what can we do that’s better for us all?'” said distillery director Stuart Watts, according to The Hill. (RELATED: ‘Now Brewed With Wind Power’? Read The Fine Print In Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad)

Biogas reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 95%. Each vehicle could replace 250 tons of carbon with natural gas each year, The Hill reported.

“In partnering with IVECO, the trailblazing market leaders in sustainable natural powered transport, the two companies are pioneering methods of creating their own circular economy through the production of biomethane from its distilling operations, a first for the drinks industry,” said the distillery in a press release.

Three trucks are being fueled by the biogas so far, and Glenfiddich plans to be carbon neutral by 2040, The Hill reported.

“It has taken more than a decade for Glenfiddich to become the first distillery to process 100% of its waste residues on its own site, then to be the first to process those residues into biogas fuels to power its trucks, and finally to be the first to install a biogas truck fuelling station supplied by our on-site renewable energy facility,” said the distillery.