Kathy Hochul Says It Is Too ‘Premature’ To Discuss Pardon For Andrew Cuomo

The Washington Post

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Demovratic New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul says it is “far too premature” to discuss a potential pardon for Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should he be convicted on sexual misconduct charges, Hochul said Wednesday.

Hochul will officially replace Cuomo as governor after he resigns in 13 days. Cuomo does not at this point face charges for the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but some of his accusers have called for him to face charges. He could still face local criminal charges in the case as well as civil suits from his 11 current accusers. (RELATED: Poll: Nearly 1 Out Of 3 People Think Cuomo Should Serve Out Rest Of His Term Despite NY AG Ruling Governor Broke The Law)

“If Cumo is convicted of any criminal charges, would you consider pardoning him?” a reporter asked.

“I’m gonna tell you right now I’m talking about my vision for the state of New York,” Hochul responded. “It is far too premature to even have those conversations.”


Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday and told Hochul that she has his “full support” in the transition process. Hochul herself told reporters Wednesday that the 14-day delay is “not what I asked for,” adding that she was prepared to take over as governor the day he announced his resignation.

Hochul also confirmed that no one named as having participated in misconduct in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report on Cuomo will be staying under her administration.

I’ve never crossed the line with anyone. But, I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. There are generational and cultural shifts that I just didn’t fully appreciate,” Cuomo said during his resignation announcement Tuesday.

“I want to thank the women that came forward with sincere complaints. It’s not easy to come forward. But you taught me, and you taught others, an important lesson. Personal boundaries must be expanded and must be protected. I accept full responsibility,” he added.