Erin Ryan Goes Viral For Insane Tweets About Rural America

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Erin Ryan might want to put down her phone for a few days.

Recently, Ryan decided the world needed to hear her opinions on rural America, and fired off a pair of tweets that are truly stunning. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“Is it possible that generations of american media framing rural areas as cradles of virtue and urban areas as centers of vice has given people in rural areas an unearned sense of moral impunity,” was the first doozy she fired off.

How did Ryan follow up that masterpiece? She typed out and hit send on, “i’ve said this before but the people who hang out in small town diners are lonely a**holes who are there to get off on being waited on.”

When I first saw these tweets, I immediately assumed it was a joke. It was only after I took a quick look at her profile that I realized she was very serious.

She also couldn’t be more wrong.

Rural America is better than big cities. That’s just a fact. I’ve lived in multiple big cities, I lived in Montana, I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and I spent lots of time near my extended family in another rural part of the state.

There are very few people living in the United States who have lived all over the spectrum like I have. For that reason, I feel very qualified to speak on this topic.

The first tweet is just bizarre. The second tweet is where she really swung for the fence. People who enjoy small town diners are “a**holes” who are “lonely” and “get off on being waited on”?

Yeah, I’m not sure I can agree with that at all. I know lots of small town people who hang out in diners. Almost all of them are retired individuals with lots of money in the bank that they use to help the less fortunate.

Sure, they buy their clothes at Walmart and consider Culver’s a fancy meal (it is), but that doesn’t mean they’re lonely.

They enjoy small town diners because it’s a common meeting area for older men to trade stories. Before they were millionaire ranchers and farmers, some fought in Korea, Vietnam or in WWII. Many lived through the great depression. No matter what, they have fascinating stories to share. Furthermore, if I needed anything in life, I would always go to a rural person. We look out for each other no matter the cost. I know many people back home who have spent a shocking amount of money to help people they will never actually meet or speak with.

Again, those are just the people I know. Perhaps, I’m just more well-traveled and Ryan should get out a bit more often and experience more of America.

The craziest part? She’s from a small town in Wisconsin! She should know better, and probably does. She just can’t let that get in the way of chasing clout and RTs!

If you truly believe you’re better off in a big city over a small town, then live in one. Trust me, none of the elderly men drinking coffee at 7:00 am in a small town diner will miss you. They don’t spend one second thinking about city people and they’re much happier because of that fact.

P.S.: What the hell is this response? Every small town kid is now the quarterback and the sheriff is in the pocket of everyone’s dad? Just bizarre behavior all the way around.