‘Worry About The Taliban In America’: Joy Behar Blasts Texas Abortion Law, Compares It To Terrorism

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar said the U.S. needed to “worry about the Taliban in America” as she blasted Texas’ new law banning abortion at six weeks of pregnancy, comparing the move to terrorism.

The comments came during a panel discussion Tuesday on “The View” as the co-hosts were talking about how the United States Supreme Court denied a recent request to block the new law. (RELATED: Supreme Court Takes Up Major Abortion Case Directly Challenging Roe V. Wade)

“So last week’s Supreme Court allowed Texas’ law to go into effect that bans abortion after six weeks and deputizes private citizens to snitch on anyone who helps a woman gets an abortion that she may need,” Whoopi Goldberg shared. “Seven other states are preparing to follow suit. Apparently the Republicans found a way to do this. I have a question. May I pose it to y’all?” (RELATED: ‘Texas Taliban’: Abortion Law Is As Bad As Literal Terrorists, According To Liberal Activists)

“They made this law as if women are laying around trying to get pregnant,” she added. “When you say that you can’t get an abortion whether you’ve been raped or you’ve had incest, or anything, that’s a punishment. They are punishing all these young women who may not be laying around trying to get next to some man, who has been molested or raped.”


Sunny Hostin, who Goldberg pointed out doesn’t agree with abortions, said she is also against the law.

“I am personally against abortion,” Hostin shared. “I think it’s a sin. I think that it is morally wrong. It’s against my faith.”

“But I agree with you, Whoopi, in the sense that I see this incredible hypocrisy coming from the Christian right amongst especially people like myself who say that abortion is wrong and say it’s about the sanctity of life,” she added. “Yet they’re so supportive of gun ownership. They’re so supportive of AR-15s. They’re so supportive of the death penalty. They’re so supportive of never ending wars.”

“You can’t have a Texas law that allows any citizen of any state to sue not the pregnant woman actually, not the person seeking the abortion, but anyone who helps the person,” Sunny continued. “Like an Uber driver, or the abortion doctor. This is going to lead to I think terror against doctors, terror against clinics.”

Joy Behar jumped in and said “terror against Uber drivers” and compared the move to something the Taliban in Afghanistan would do to women.

“Well you know, they’re worried about the Taliban and the Taliban and women,” Behar exclaimed. “Worry about the Taliban in America. Because that’s what these guys are for … really all about.”

Texas’ Heartbeat Act, which was signed into law May 19, makes exceptions for medical emergencies but not in cases of rape or incest, as previously reported. It also allows citizens in and out of the state of Texas the ability to to sue individuals or abortion clinics who help women obtain abortions, according to The Texas Tribune.