Hunter In Michigan Claims He Saw Two Sasquatches Fighting

Bigfoot (Credit: Shutterstock/CineBlade)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One man claims to have seen a pair of Sasquatches brawling.

According to BroBible, a man by the name of Mark appeared on the Sasquatch Chronicles to talk about his run-ins with Bigfoot. Does that sound insane? Just wait until you hear this man’s story. He allegedly saw a pair of them fighting each other while hunting. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Mark said the following on the Sasquatch Chronicles about the encounter from decades in Michigan, according to BroBible:

It’s not a bear, because we know what bears look like. He shined it on whatever it was, and the thing just sucked it up like it was a sponge. You could see the silhouette of it, but the hair on this thing just sucked it up. The hand on this thing was f—ing huge. Shaquille O’Neal is a big man, but this thing dwarfed him. It could have palmed a beach ball. We could see him really good. He had big legs, big hips, chest kind of tapered up… he had a round head… The arms were very long…Off to the right of us towards the river, which was south of us, we heard something else making some crazy– noises. That one started coming towards us, and all hell broke loose. Something was going down there, fighting, and I mean, it sounded like two T-Rex’s going at it. Branches were snapping, you could hear hollering and growling.

You can listen to the entire podcast below.

Okay, I’ll say a couple things here. First, that’s actually a pretty convincing story. If Mark is lying, then he deserves an award because he sold that story incredibly well.

He didn’t sound too rattled or excited, he kept it believable to a degree and just recounted his memories. Now, does that mean I believe him?

Not at all, but at least he made a solid effort.

That leads me to my second point. We’re supposed to believe that on multiple occasions, this man saw more than one Bigfoot in the woods while hunting and never took a shot? Yeah, I find that incredibly unlikely.

As I’ve said many times, until someone puts Bigfoot in the dirt, I’m not buying it. Seeing as how Mark was hunting and still didn’t do it, I have a lot of questions.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Mark’s story. Does it hold up? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.