‘It’s Not Just Republicans’: Jimmy Kimmel Complains About ‘Jackholes’ Who Deny Climate Change, Takes Shot At Joe Biden

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jimmy Kimmel said “it’s not just Republicans” who are “jackholes” that deny climate change as he took aim at President Joe Biden and his administration.

“Maybe the craziest ones of all is these jackholes who admit climate change is our fault but we can’t stop it,” Kimmel said during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show Wednesday as he pointed out Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott. The talk show host said Scott is worried that “fighting climate change will destroy jobs.” However, Kimmel argued that “even if that was true, which it isn’t,” “Armageddon” will destroy jobs. (RELATED: ‘Ignorant A-Hole’: Jimmy Kimmel Rails Against Caitlyn Jenner Following Hannity Interview On CA Homeless Population)

It starts at the 6:40 minute mark.


“You would think these politicians who call themselves conservatives might want to conserve,” he added. “Even on the off chance that Al Gore and every reputable climate scientist is right about global warming, bringing fires and floods, and all this horrible stuff. Isn’t that chance worth being safe and investing in things like renewable energy?” (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes ‘To Those Who Were Genuinely Hurt Or Offended’ By Blackface Sketch)

“We are a bunch of golden retrievers sitting in a hot parking lot right now and our owners refuse to roll down the windows,” Kimmel continued. “And it’s not just Republicans. The Biden administration is still pushing offshore drilling, lobbying OPEC and Russia to produce more fossil fuel. Joe Biden’s on track to approve more oil and gas permits than any year of the [former President Donald] Trump administration. The Democrats in Congress left fossil fuel subsidies in their big climate bill.”

Kimmel earlier explained that if climate change didn’t scare people with the threat of things like famine, death, destruction and water shortages, “scientist say that” it could “impact the world supply of beer.”

“If you are a person living on this planet, your future is in peril,” he added. “That’s a scientific fact.”

The talk show host admitted there’s lots of other issues going on that are important like the pandemic, systemic racism and immigration, but if “we don’t address climate change none of those things matter.”