Journalist Robby Soave Gives Shout Out To The Daily Caller During Chat About Importance Of Facebook And Censorship On Megyn Kelly Show

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Journalist Robby Soave gave a shoutout to the Daily Caller during a discussion about the importance of Facebook and big tech censorship on Megyn Kelly’s show.

During Monday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Soave warned against what he said appears to be a push by outlets on the right to crackdown on social media giants. Robby talked about the current solutions being about “harming Big Tech” with calls to breakup Facebook and take away its liability protections.

He also suggested doing this will actually “advantage the left,” with a crackdown on Big Tech akin to those on the right shooting themselves “in the foot” by doing something to disrupt it. He pointed out social media “has actually made it much easier” to share opinions that “depart from mainstream media” and for groups to get their message out there. (RELATED: Twitter Is Suspending Accounts That Post Donald Trump’s Statements From His Website)

It starts at the 34:20 minute mark. (RELATED: Thursday Evening Dispatch: Biden Admin, Big Tech Working Together To Fight ‘Misinformation’)


“They [social media companies] are doing it [censorship] because they are afraid of the government coming after them if they don’t,” Soave explained, adding those companies say they are censoring because they’re “being ordered to do it by the mainstream media or by our own government.” (RELATED: Former Clinton Aide Kickstarts Ad Crusade Against Facebook’s Oversight Board, Calls For Conservative Member’s Ouster)

“So, I’m here thinking, well maybe the problem isn’t social media, the problem is our mainstream media is so censorship inclined and our government wants this kind of censorship, we need to be fighting those people,” he added. “We need to be calling them out.”

Soave said the “only way of fighting back is actually on social media,” arguing people would actually “limit” their own outlet if they give “mainstream media exactly what it wants.”

“Because Facebook is a competitor, it’s an upstart competitor,” Soave shared. “Twitter’s a competitor, YouTube is a competitor, to the New York Times, to the Washington Post, CNN, etc. They want to have a stranglehold over what you get to say. And social media has made that impossible, which is actually a good thing.”

“If you look at the top articles on Facebook at any given minute they are from Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, Fox News, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, the Washington Examiner,” he added.  “It is arguably the most important tool, modern communication tool for getting out views that dissent from liberal orthodoxy.”

During the 2020 election, Facebook blocked users from sharing a New York Post piece about President Joe Biden’s son’s, Hunter Biden’s, alleged business deals with China. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a congressional subpoena for censoring stories about it.

Republicans reportedly have been censored by social media more often than Democrats, according to the Media Research Center. In the 2020 report, it found that Trump and his re-election campaign was censored on the social media platforms at least 65 times from May 2018 to October 2020. Biden was censored zero times in the same timeframe, MRC noted.