16 Dead In Plane Crash After Left Engine Fails

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Sixteen people died when an airplane transporting parachutists crashed in Russia on Sunday, Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

The crash occurred in Tatarstan, Russia, a central region of the country, Reuters reported. The pilots reported left engine failure shortly after taking off. They attempted an emergency landing near Menzelinsk, Russia, but, as the plane landed, it hit a Gazelle vehicle and it flipped over, Tatarstan’s governor Rustam Minnikhanov said. (RELATED: Russian Film Crew Rockets To Space To Make First Movie In Orbit)

The plane was carrying 22 people — 20 parachutists and two crew members. There were six survivors and they are in serious condition, the Health Ministry announced.

“Six people were rescued, 16 were taken out without signs of life,” the ministry said.

The plane used in the crash was a Let L-410 Turbolet twin-engine short-range transport aircraft. It was owned by a local aeroclub in Menzelinsk, Russia. The aeroclub was asked about the crash but was unable to comment due to a law enforcement investigation of the crash.

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, where cosmonauts train, is located near the site of the crash and has a partnership with the aeroclub. It has been used for local, European championships and one world championship, the club’s director Ravil Nurmukhametov said.

“We are the best, we are among the top five clubs,” Nurmekhametov told TASS. Training was suspended as a result of the plane crash, according to according toRussian News Agency TASS.

“For the period of the probe into the crash, cooperation of the Cosmonaut Training Center with that aero club will be suspended, and will be transferred to the aero club in the Vladimir Region,” TASS reported.

The Investigative Committee, which investigates serious crimes in Russia, stated it had initiated a criminal investigation into the crash. A suspected violation of safety regulations prompted the investigation, according to TASS.