‘He Doesn’t Have Any Juice’: Dana Perino Says Tanking Poll Numbers May Be Forcing Biden To Side With The Far Left

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino said Monday that President Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers might be forcing him to side with the far left of the Democratic Party.

Perino joined her cohosts on “The Five” to discuss the ongoing debate over both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the accompanying $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, and she argued that it was more likely that the moderates would be the ones to compromise. (RELATED: ‘It Makes Me Sick!’: Dana Perino Blasts Biden Admin For Blaming Border Patrol When Their Policies Created Chaos)


Co-host Jesse Watters introduced the segment by saying that Biden’s Build Back Better agenda was “in full meltdown,” sharing a clip of Biden “practically pleading with Democrats to save him.”

“We need to stay together. Bound by the values we hold as a party,” Biden said, calling on his party to stay unified going in to 2022.

“Someone is going to have to cave or compromise by the end of the year,” Watters added, turning the question to Perino.

“I think they look at their numbers and realize there’s a cascade of a lack of confidence. All of the issues. Education, immigration, inflation, foreign policy, Afghanistan. All of it. That means that Joe Biden’s credit in terms of political capital is really low. He doesn’t have any juice,” Perino replied.

“He said he was going to run as a moderate. He was going to run as a person that would reunite everybody and he has not done that. Everybody gets it,” Perino continued. “He won the battle but Bernie Sanders won the war. They are calling the shots.”

Perino went on to note that there were a few Democrats like Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger who has spoken out about the fact that nearly everyone had agreed on infrastructure and that Democrats should be willing to make that happen.

“Someone eventually will cave but I do think it will be the moderates,” Perino continued. “On the House side. I don’t know about Sinema and Manchin.”

“It’s amazing to see the grand unifier, who thought he could unify a country an he cannot unify his party, can barely unify his bathrobe. His only purpose was to unify to beat Trump,” co-host Greg Gutfeld added. “They just needed the vessel. They needed the look of an old white moderate as comfy as milk and cookies at bedtime and what’s happening is you’re watching the whole thing implode. It was a trick.”