‘At Least She Didn’t Sniff The Kids’ Hair’: Fox Panel Mocks Kamala Harris Space Video

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Several Fox News hosts mocked a video of Vice President Kamala Harris talking to kids about space exploration.

During Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” panelists Dagen McDowell, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the video, during which Harris spoke with several kids about the wonders of space and how much there still was left to explore and discover. (RELATED: ‘That’s Like Saying You Asked For It’: Greg Gutfeld Is Not Impressed By People Defending Protesters Who Chased Down Sinema)


McDowell introduced the video clip, noting that while other officials were at the U.S.- Mexico border, Harris was filming the segment that critics were already referring to as “cringeworthy.”

“She’s kind of like a cheerleader on psilocybin. It’s like this weird, bubbly, you don’t know why,” Gutfeld replied when the clip finished. “I love the fact that she’s worse with children than I am. She should take a page out of my book. Don’t interact with brats — they ask you to do this, don’t do it, it makes you look bad. She’s fake. She’s super fake. She was the one who called Joe Biden the worst thing you could ever call somebody these days, which is racist, and when she was asked about it again when she became VP, she was like laughing, she just laughed, ‘Ah, that was a debate.’ Calling somebody a racist knowing that it’s not true, that’s pretty bad but I understand why they have her talk about the moon. They want her as far away from any other practical issue, get her to the moon.”

“Next week she’ll be on Blue Origins with William Shatner,” Perino joked.

“She should be,” Gutfeld agreed, arguing that the Biden administration appeared to be pulling out all the stops to keep her away from the U.S.-Mexico border despite the fact that she was supposed to be in charge of the situation there.

“I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t understand it. I really think her instincts seem to be really off,” Perino continued, noting that Harris had never passed a bill while she was in the Senate.

“Here’s a person who achieved an incredible accomplishment. She’s the first woman vice president in our country. Amazing accomplishment. Comes with a lot of power and a lot of prestige and she doesn’t use any of it and it drives me crazy,” Perino added. “If I were in her position, I never would’ve let those three guys go down to Mexico without me. I would’ve said, ‘Actually you can fly on Air Force 2 with me and you can brief me along the way and then will walk in together as a team and I will be the one to speak.’ I would take charge of it, instead. It’s perfectly fine to talk about space with kids. It’s great, but you think about the enormity of the power she has and the capacity and the capabilities to come with the office and she is not utilizing it, drives me nuts.”

“At least she didn’t sniff the kids hair. That’s something to be thankful for,” Watters chimed in. “She doesn’t love people who explore the unknown. She is anti-Columbus. The best explorer of the unknown we’ve ever seen.”