Tucker Draws Line From Rise In Crime To Bad Parenting

[Daily Caller]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said the recent surge in crime nationwide has less to do with the “defund the police” movement and more so with bad parenting in an exclusive interview with “Vince and Jason Save the Nation.”

“I do think there are abuses, I’ve seen them,” Carlson said about police officers. “On the other hand, you’ve got to tell kids you’re not allowed to steal shit. You can’t. You’re not allowed to steal stuff, you can’t be out at night with a gun, you can’t shoot people because you’re mad. And like nobody’s telling kids that.”

“At a certain point it’s just like there is just a lot of bad parenting going on. At some point it doesn’t kind of matter whether you send the police or some hyper trained social worker, people are letting their kids run around at night with their guns, I wouldn’t let my kids do that… like at a certain point you have to blame the moms. Why are they allowing that?” Carlson continued.

“It’s not hard to restore order, you just have to want to,” he said.  (RELATED: Thief Steals Bag Full Of Items At Walgreens While Security Guard With Phone Does Absolutely Nothing)

Crime has risen nationwide since 2020, with the number of homicides in six major cities across the country increasing year-over-year and disproportionately hurting black people, according to crime data. In Chicago, murder victims that were black increased from more than 70% in 2020 to 81% in 2021.

Violent crimes have also surged in several cities that saw massive anti-police protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in 2020.