Gutfeld: Cuomo Criminal Charge Is ‘A Fall From Grace, But There Was Never Any Grace To Fall From’

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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Fox News panelist Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent criminal charge was “a fall from grace, but there was never any grace to fall from.”

Cuomo was charged Thursday for “groping a former aide in Albany’s Executive Mansion.” He is expected to be arrested next week, according to the New York Post. 


“But what an amazing turn around from a year ago,” Fox News Panelist Shannon Bream said. “It was rumored he was going to be the attorney general, nominee for that. He could run for president. He got a huge book advance for the book, ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.’ By the way, I just looked it up on Amazon, it’s 196,306 ranked.” 

“Yeah, I would say it’s a fall from grace but there was never any grace to fall from,” Gutfeld said. “He went from Hollywood’s favorite, sexiest, governor to an unemployed, accused, sex offender. So he might actually have a future in Hollywood.”

Gutfeld also said that CNN’s viewership was in a “death spiral,” which he asserted was partly because of the media company’s support for Andrew Cuomo. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: New York Admits Knowingly Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths After Quietly Changing Reporting Rules)

“They’ve never been in a situation like this before,” Gutfeld said. “And it’s safe to say that there’s a combination of factors contributing to this, and this is one of them, that women are turning off CNN because of their support for Andrew Cuomo. I believe that with all my heart. It’s a disgrace.”